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Ramadan Food Drive

During the month of Ramadan, Muslim Social Services will be hosting several Ramadan programs and events, as well as providing social assistance to Muslim students, elderly, and low-income households.


We would greatly appreciate your support for these events through your sponsorship and donation. You will see your support acknowledged and promoted throughout the events, and we will issue you a tax receipt.


I do hope that you will be interested in sponsoring our event and giving back to a community organization that is invested in the welfare of all, especially the marginalized in our community.


Ramadan Food Drive


MSS will send vouchers and gift cards for groceries and meals to families in need within the Waterloo Region. Aside from donations to individuals and families, the Ramadan drive also seeks to support community halal food programs. You can contribute to this service by donating to the "Ramadan Food Drive" fund.

Community Iftar 

MSS is proud to announce its sponsorship of an annual community Iftar, a cherished tradition attended by over 300 individuals each year. This event serves as a cornerstone of community cohesion, fostering unity and solidarity among diverse members of our community.

In addition to our community Iftar, MSS is committed to addressing the unique needs of marginalized groups within our society. This year, we will be hosting a special Iftar for single women who may be experiencing isolation or loneliness, providing them with a supportive and inclusive environment to come together and celebrate.

Furthermore, MSS recognizes the challenges faced by students who are far from their families during Ramadan. To ensure that no student feels alone during this sacred time, we will be extending our support by providing Iftar meals to those who lack familial support, offering them a sense of belonging and community during the holy month.

Through these initiatives, MSS seeks to not only foster a sense of togetherness within our community but also to provide vital support to those who may be in need during Ramadan. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve and uplift those around us, embodying the spirit of compassion and generosity that defines this blessed month.

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