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Our Programs

Muslim Social Services runs multiple programs throughout the entire year. These programs are available to a variety of age groups each targeting specific goals and aim to be anyone in need. At Muslim Social Services, we believe that when people feel that they belong, they will be motivated to translate their passions into action and contribute meaningfully to the betterment of their communities. We also understand that many of the barriers to belonging come from existing elements in the host community that may not understand how to encourage the integration of newcomers. 

MSS aims to foster a healthy, inclusive environment and provides various opportunities of learning and personal growth through its educational, outreach, and support initiatives; it seeks to create an understanding of Islam and Muslims in Canada, build bridges with other faith communities as well as mainstream social service and community organizations. Our projects aim to build stronger and more resilient communities that are well informed of available services and are not afraid to seek help. Overall, we hope that newcomers gain a sense of belonging to the Kitchener Waterloo Community. 

Community Education & Bridge-building

We deliver seminars and workshops to a variety of community organizations, including schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, police departments and local social services agencies. We aim to create an understanding an awareness of social issues pertaining to Islam and Muslims in Canada. We aim to increase the capacity of the community to welcome and support newcomers and to work meaningfully with Muslims and minority communities.

Train the Trainers

MSS has put together a team of leaders—social workers, physicians, Imams, ethic community leaders, academics, and youth who learn about best practices to end domestic violence, conflict resolution methods, mediation and other useful practices that can be employed to engage members and leaders of the Muslim community. All the participants are advocates who firmly believe in ending domestic violence in the community. We are always looking for more leaders to join the group and share their skills to help everyone involved to become a better trainer.


Food Assistance Programs

As a part of MSS’ annual halal food assistance program, this food drive focuses on the month of Ramadan and is supported entirely by the donations of the Muslim community. Food is distributed during the month of Ramadan and throughout the rest of the year through local food hamper programs. MSS aims to provided halal food assistance that is appropriate for those in need and to raise awareness in mainstream organizations about halal food assistance.

St. John’s Soup kitchen

This program is a semi-annual contribution of the Muslim community to support the Working Centre food assistance program. This program aims to expand MSS outreach and awareness of Muslims and the gifts they have to offer in the community and strengthen our partnership with The Working Centre

Gretchen Jones, St. John’s Soup Kitchen

“Lots of the things we get from the food bank are pork. It is really wonderful to be able to tell [Muslim clients] on such and such a day we are serving a halal meal. It is always a pleasure, it’s been a pleasure getting to know. They have been coming [here] so long we do know it’s like we are old friends”

Michael Hackbusch, House of Friendship

“MSS has assisted in providing, helping provide halal foods for our food hamper. Being representative for an agency, specific to a community, that I can make if need referrals or receive information from to better serve our brothers and sisters from the Muslim community”

Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region

“On behalf of Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region and our partner families, we sincerely thank you for your generous lunch donation on June 3rd to feed our hardworking volunteers. Your contribution has helped us provide hope for families in need in our local community. We hope to work with your wonderful organization again in the future”

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