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Muslim Social Services KW offers several services to the community such as counselling gender-based violence survivor support, psycho-educational workshops and more.


Here at Muslim Social Services Waterloo Region, we provide culturally and spiritually sensitive humanitarian and social services to the Muslim and non-Muslim communities of the Waterloo Region.  One of our specialties at Muslim Social Services Waterloo Region is our counselling service. MSS provides professional and confidential counselling for clients of all backgrounds ensuring nobody is turned away. Our service is carried out by highly qualified trained therapists registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, providing expert assistance. We provide various forms of therapeutic approaches to clients from various backgrounds. Our therapeutic approaches include trauma-informed practice, family therapy, couples therapy, youth therapy, and talk therapy. Therapeutic services provided by MSS deliver trauma-informed therapy and CBT-based therapy, as well as Solution-focused based therapy and other techniques that best suit our clients. MSS provides therapeutic space here at our MSS office, which is located at the Family Center in Kitchener, Ontario (64 Hanson Avenue). We provide space for therapy at Carizon both queen street and Westmount locations. We also have a location at Cambridge in Mac Hespeler Masjid located at 64 Winston Blvd, Cambridge, and the Islamic Centre of Cambridge located at 1550 Dunbar Road Cambridge. Here at MSS, we see clients between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM. We at MSS provide our service on a sliding scale cost model so that we ensure it is accessible for everyone, even providing counselling for free to those who cannot afford it. 

Confidentiality is limited by conditions imposed by law where a young person discloses:

a) Abuse to themselves or to another

b) Intention to hurt themselves

c) Intention to hurt another person

d) If MSS staff suspects that a client is being abused or is at risk of abuse In these situations, we are legally bound to report to Child Protection Services

1. Clients have the right to contribute to any/all decision -making applicable to them.

2. Clients have the right to participate in the designing of their own treatment plan.

3. Clients have the right to review and/or correct any personal information on file.

We accept referrals from anyone (doctors, guidance counsellors, faith leaders, other counselling agencies and social workers and partner agencies), but confirmation of the referral will be required by the client or a custodial parent in the case of children between the ages of 0 -12 years. Self-referral can be made. 

The sessions we offer towards counsel ling are based on a sliding scale, and due to the fact that no person in need is turned away despite being unable to pay, we ask that you make donations for individuals who are in desperate need for counselling but cannot cover the cost so that our services are available at all times and benefit those who are in dire need . Thank You for your support towards this program for any amount. A small donation can help children, youth, couples, and families seek refuge in faith and culturally sensitive counselling and get an opportunity to be heard so that their lives can improve. Donations can be given with checks, made online , or by cash*

Gender-based Violence Victims and Survivor Support

Shelters and Safe homes: we are working in partnership with Sakeenaj homes and women crisis services to provide shelters

Counseling and Therapy: Individual or group counseling sessions to help survivors cope with trauma, develop coping strategies, and rebuild their lives.

Legal Assistance: we are working together with Muslim legal services support centre that provide guidance and support to survivors seeking protection orders or pursuing legal action against their abusers.

Support Groups: Safe spaces where survivors and victims can connect with others who have experienced similar situations, fostering a sense of community and understanding.


Crisis Intervention: Immediate response services for survivors in emergencies, providing safety planning and emotional support.

Financial Support:  we provide social assistance during Ramadan.

Educational and Awareness Programs: Initiatives aimed at educating the public about gender-based violence, its impact, and prevention strategies.

Public Psycho-educational Workshops and Training

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